SOUL Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart

Spiritual growth comes easily by finding inspiration from the inspirational messages found on the pages of inspirational words and inspirational quotes in Soul.Inspirations that fill your heart and comfort your soul. 

The seen world is powered by the unseen world. What is seen in this material world can be changed with a thought. Your thought, your intention can change what you see and experience. Your thought and your intentions are part of the unseen and are part of the All That Is, your Source. 

Inside this book you will find inspirational messages channeled from Spirit. These inspirational words and inspirational quotes will help you gain spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

Soul -Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart has chapters on: 
GOD, Prayer, Energy, Frequency and Flow 
Communion, Heart, Emotions, Free-will 
Ego, Love, Communication and Behavior 
Power and Conflict, Transformation and Transcension Star Friends, Death, Grief and Afterlife 

Inspire your heart with these inspirations for the Soul.

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About The Author


Marilyn Lee

My sense of peace for the dying stemmed from my 15-year practice of giving past-life regression therapy for those either interested or tormented by issues they could not explain in any other terms. In my practice, I included at least one remembering event of re-experiencing a death. With this, I gained the insight that death is only a painless transition from the physical to the non-physical experience that also provided for lessons learned or insights into the human experience. And with this practice, I came to realize that our physical lives are not much more than a dream-like experience to assist the self we consider to be the soul to gain insight into the All That Is and that the All That Is requires insight into Itself. 

The following are inspirational messages I received in meditation since 1987 when I first became open enough to have them come to me. Some of these messages have come from channeled messages that were especially impactful for me and have never left me.

For example, the message, ‘fight and lose, love and win’, is one. This and its parallel component, ‘you become what you fight’, are treaties that have stuck with me like glue. These came to me via channeled messages in 1990 when I was compiling the messages into a typed format to reference later or to share publically.

Other messages since then would come to me while driving or while in the shower. Sometimes I would wake up with one dancing around in my head.

For example, the issue of “time” is one that I have been reminded of over and over. Many times I get that time is a function of our earth-bound experience only. It does not exist beyond this realm of our experience.

Many of my messages have never left me alone. Often they would twirl around and around and continue to ping at me until I gave them a voice.

Soul Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart

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When you realize you create your life, and you are the creator of your experiences, you can create intentions that create change. By your intentions, you create your life conditions.

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